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I promised a post on the important things I learned from dating men before I met my husband.Most importantly, I learned I didn’t want to marry them. One of the problems with hookup culture is that very few people are getting a chance to do relationships with training wheels.Many INTJs eschew short-term flings and hit the brakes at the first sign of infatuation — because we’re already wondering if it will work long-term.The INTJ is a rare personality type, and not many people “get” us.

However, personality dynamics are more complex than this.Of course, some people get lucky and meet the love of their lives early on and live happily ever after.But most of us benefit from the opportunity to do a couple of trial runs. In contrast, his neatness was always a pleasant surprise to me, like elves had come in during the night and done all the work.Why Do Fi-Dominant Types End Up With Te-Dominant Types There’s a natural chemistry between two types that share a different order of the same functions.For example, INFPs and ENTJs share the same dominant and inferior functions, but reversed.