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What followed was a well-documented descent into heroin addiction.

But for anyone familiar with Frusciante’s more recent solo output, acid isn’t much of a stretch.

Chalk it up to a long, long history with the Forest Hills foursome and an infectious enthusiasm for a group she admired as a fan before slipping into the role of girlfriend (she first met the band around 1976, dating Joey before leaving the frontman for his famously conservative bandmate).

Still, Linda has long straddled the milieus of rock and fashion.

By the time he sobered up and rejoined the band for the now-classic LP, whose live jams involve up to 15 pieces of gear, only made it out of his studio as a Christmas gift for some of Frusciante’s friends, eventually landing in the hands of Acid Test’s Oliver Bristow.

Frusciante has since produced for Wu-Tang-affiliated hip-hop duo Black Knights, collaborated with Venetian Snares as Speed Dealer Moms, and played on Duran Duran’s new album, but hardware and digital engineering remain his primary fascinations.

That was her front row at Saint Laurent’s Palladium show, bespoke white leather top hat perched atop her trademark coppery cloud of hair. Indeed, Linda’s most in her element among the rooms of the Technicolor wonderland that is Ramones Ranch, perched up in the hills of Sherman Oaks. Let’s Go”:“For 20 years, Johnny wrote down every show, the attendance, and how much they got paid, from the first day of the Ramones to the last day.

She counts Hedi Slimane, Marc Jacobs, and Anna Sui among her friends, and, indeed, even became something of a de facto muse for Saint Laurent toward the tail end of Slimane’s tenure at the house—starring in a video alongside boyfriend J. It was there that Brad Elterman, the legendary rock lensman and Linda’s longtime pal, caught up with her for an impromptu closet tour and dress-up session for There are, like, 25 books, and I never allow anybody to even touch the books or anything.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, when rave was seeding itself in LA, Frusciante had joined the band, recorded , and quit for the first time.

It was Johnny’s personal stuff that he wrote everything down in.

I have to say, after letting everything go, that was the hardest—[one of] the books. was like, ‘Linda can play tambourine, and I can play guitar while she dances,’ and then the other kid who Hedi likes, the drummer, came in. That’s why I love doing stuff at Ramones Ranch, because it’s magical like that—nobody really knew each other, but it all came together.

In a recent phone conversation, Frusciante walked us through the records that converted him to dance music.

Accomplished guitarist John Frusciante has found tons of success throughout his career, serving as the guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers until 2009, as well as releasing a solid catalogue of solo material.