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Therefore, we are presenting him the title of Game Changer with the expectation that he will surprise us with his own original game.MIYAVI is gaining recognition around the world for his unconventional style of playing the guitar ―not with a pick, but with his fingers and his “slap style,” which is like no other.MIYAVI carves his own path by believing in his own music and is constantly enjoying the “game” of challenging himself.He is active both domestic and overseas and continuously explores uncharted territories. Born in the Konohana-ku ward of Osaka City in the Osaka Prefecture of Japan, Miyavi originally grew up wanting to become a soccer player before seriously injuring his knee as a teenager.During a deep depression after his injury, a friend gave him a guitar to cheer him up, which he began to learn to play while recovering.

"It's a story that is still painful for my country and after filming some of the more violence scenes, I couldn't stop crying." Jolie became close with Zamperini shortly before his death aged 97 last July, and was sure to show him an early cut of Unbroken."I was more emotional than he was," she said.

Enigmatic 'samurai guitarist' Miyavi is one of the headliners playing on Day 1 of Concrete & Grass Music Festival. Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Keziah Jones, Ani Difranco, Tommy Emanuel...

City Weekend catches up with him ahead of his show next Friday. Also got inspired by the shamisen, which is a Japanese traditional instrument used in kabuki plays. It’s for the people - purely for entertaining the crowd that might have had hard times in their lives. The longer a career you have, the more you think about what the most important things are to build and belong to. Sometimes I hated my own father, so I’m not gonna be like him for my girls.

is going to be pretty darn intense after one of her actors threw up and "couldn't stop crying".

The US actress turned director is working on a movie about the late Louis Zamperini, the Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II, and it looks set to include plenty of graphic violence.