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Next, you find out the details and that is why you buy the car. Not everyone is ashamed to tell their age and at the same time, you don’t have to give your exact age when you meet someone, but do keep it real and say something like “twentyish” when asked your age.

The conservatives would say it’s women, the liberals would insist it’s men, but I say it’s BOTH! It’s an entertaining alternative to dry scholarly examinations of how people behave in our present day consumerist society that are penned by psychologists and sociologists.

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It’s funny and gives you good insights into everyday aspects of life that we’ve all noticed and lived through.

The article lists that use sequential art-based scenarios to provide side-splitting examples of the topic at hand are among the best of what this site’s content scribed by wryly observant authors has to offer.

I enjoy seeing live music from time to time especially in a small pub - fe… I am single/divorced 15 years ago live on my own, caring, helpful etc, gsh a necessity.

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