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When one wants to escape the morally bankrupt superficiality of city life and get in touch with one's true self, the South is the place to go to. Frequently features Southern Hospitality, a form of Sacred Hospitality.Minnesota Nice is the equivalent above the Mason-Dixon.Parents need to know that this CMT series plays a lot cleaner than other reality dating shows, thanks in part to the show's focus on "Southern" morality.

They discuss their future together, with Jake asserting they will be married one day.

It is the land of romance, of roses and honeysuckle, of Southern chivalry and hospitality, fried chicken and waffles, salad and coffee. Some may have their little quirks, but everyone takes those in stride.

The Rural South in the United States is a land of honest, down-to-earth folks, unlike the pretentious City Slickers in New York or "New South" Atlanta.

Andrew's mother, the Mayor of New York, expresses doubt that Melanie is good enough for her son, whom she is grooming to eventually run for President of the United States.

Sweet Home Alabama is a TV show currently airing on CMT, with its first season premiering in the summer of 2011.