Tf 2 and validating files

So I just installed the recording tool and it downloaded everything normally.

Before everything became a cluttered mess and went to hell.Chris' FPS Configs for TF2 - Different configuration files to automatically set all settings to their absolute lowest or highest.It is recommended to troubleshoot before resorting to these as they can cause problems.I've been noticing a number of redirects to Romanian pages recently; specifically Ospitalitatea Sudica (forwards to Southern Hospitality/ro), Casca de Miner (forwards to Mining Light/ro), Craniul Cadavrului (forwards to Cadaver's Cranium/ro). I can see a bunch of problems appearing if we get an item called "The Stranger" (which would conflict with L'Etranger), or if a number of languages share the same name for an item ("Hatte" is Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish for "Hats"), which would require disambiguation pages, forwarding to each individual language page.The problem I'm seeing with this solution is a bunch of unmaintained and orphaned pages, leaving the Wiki in disrepair. In Romanian these situations are not likly to happen.