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In addition to Latin Times, she's published in VOXXI, The Miami Herald, Huffington Post, La Opinion, El Nuevo Herald, The Latin Kitchen and more.

With over 10-years experience in digital media, she's nothing but passionate and creative with her work.

Maria is welcomed by businessman Fernando De la Vega, one of the most influential and richest men in the country.

He teaches María manners and welcomes her as a family member, although his wife Victoria and Carlota, one of the household's maids, despise María upon meeting her.

"There's no music more basic than that of Mario Bautista," expressed the 44-year-old singer and telenovela actress before attacking his fans and calling them "," Spanish word meaning despicable.

In the tweet, the Mexican star even used the hashtags #La Del Barrio and #Auuu to make fun of Bautista's beloved fan base, also known as Bautisters.

Born on the March of 1966, he is currently 49 years of age, but has not lost the charm and charisma that he always had with him.

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"I always had the urge to be an actor, but I did not directly Televisa", began film acting until in 1988 he worked twice as Eduardo Yañez's stuntman in the soap opera Dulce Desafío (Sweet Challenge).

With are stellar performances are Ana Patricia Rojo, Sebastián Ligarde, Ariel López Padilla, Mauricio Aspe, Yuliana Peniche and leading actors Ricardo Blume, Irán Eory, Carmen Salinas, Meche Barba and René Muñoz.

With the special participation of Aurora Molina and Manuel Saval.

His father Fernando Olivares Sr., was an engineer who also owned a automobiles shop and his mother worked as a bartender.

As a small boy, Colunga had interest in making bridges and buildings because that time was when Mexico was growing bigger and was being industrialized.