Tips for dating a pro athlete

That may not seem like a lot, but when you factor in the work day, classes, part-time jobs, errands, and other commitments, you may start to feel like the time you should be spending together is being spent at the gym.

Of course, her gym habits aren’t the problem, but her workout could present another scheduling hurdle in an already full set of calendars.

This may not apply to every woman, I’m sure there are some women who do froth over Strava KOMs and being half wheeled.

And sure, some guys will read this and think to themselves “What is this girl on about?!

She doesn’t necessarily have to spot you, and you certainly don’t have to keep the same pace as you make your way through your cross-country run.

But, there is no better motivation to get your off of the couch and onto the bench than the gentle peer pressure of your domestic partner.

Consider using each superset as the primary block for a workout.

For example, on Monday start with BB squats and DB incline press.

This blog, however, is collective, from all the other female cyclists I hang out with and talk to.You’re using foundation (read: awesome) lifts that are old school and legitimate.Your “big lifts” are part of your warm-up—a smart and effective way to prep your movement patterns for the work to come. Cons: The squat, the deadlift and the power clean are all awesome lifts.I am excited for the commitment that you will feel to the team—to your husband’s career. For no one is the same on the other side of the NFL.You will likely give all of who you are—but every career must end.