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While their white fur keeps them camouflaged against the snow, their black skin absorbs the heat of sunlight that may pass through their coat.A layer of fat beneath the skin insulates their body further from sub-zero temperatures.Polar bears have large and sharp claws that allow them to break through ice and kill their prey, and also provide traction while walking on the slippery ice.

The number of sea lions at PIER 39 typically increases after the first week of August.

Falconry, the use of falcons by humans for hunting small mammals and other birds, is believed to have originated in Mesopotamia over 4,000 years ago and continues to be a popular sport in the Middle East.

Falcons feed mostly on birds, favoring pigeons, but also eat songbirds, gulls, geese, and shorebirds.

Polar bears, also called sea bears or ice bears, are found throughout the Arctic; mainly in Canada, Norway, Alaska, Greenland and Russia.

They are solitary animals and highly evolved for living in frigid arctic temperatures.

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