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So, with a performance on only 16 hours away, the Australian-born sometime-actor surrendered to a steroid injection and promised to keep schtum until after sunrise the next day.The problem: That night he was expected to be interviewed at a showing of , a feel-good and at times laugh-out-loud documentary about the singer's unique relationship with seven super fans who put their middle-aged lives on hold to follow him on tour.Springfield helped load mortars to repel the onslaught, and one of them killed a Viet Cong soldier."That was a war situation but it is still something that to this day sends a shiver down my spine," Springfield said, calling it one of his deepest, darkest secrets.“I finished writing it, and about six weeks before release, I called the publisher and said I don’t want this released, because I suddenly realized that people would be reading it,” says Springfield.“They talked me off the ledge.” Since then, Springfield has concocted a concert format in which he plays songs and tells stories that span his 65 years. He'd spent the last week promoting the hell out of his new album, , submitting to a whirlwind schedule that could've silenced the youngest and fittest of pop stars, let alone a 63-year-old one.

They were depending on his star power to garner attention for their feature, which has been lauded by Hot Docs and film fests from Florida to Nashville.Averaging five hours of sleep a night, he made the requisite stops on the talk-show circuit -- , to name only three -- performing energetic sets on practically every program.But it was the impromptu concert on a crowded Penn Station subway platform that likely did him in: Without the help of a microphone, he had to really belt it out in order to be heard over the rumble of the passing trains.And on Season 2 of the HBO hit “True Detective,” Springfield has a top-secret role. In “Ricki,” Streep stars as an aging rock star looking to make amends to the people left in her wake over the years. “I was on the road, and I got a call saying they were looking for an actor who can play guitar for real,” he recalls.Streep, meanwhile, only picked up a guitar two months before filming.