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They say Ratliff is like family and a brother to them. He is the cousin of professional dancers, singers, and actors Derek Hough and Julianne Hough.

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He has been on So You Think You Can Dance and has had guest appearances on shows like Moises Rules!Ross is very happy with her and I think they are in a pretty stable relation ship.I recently found out that they are staring in a movie together, called "status update".Well I can tell you one thing, him and Laura deffintly like eachother, sometimes it takes a few years for them to express feelings, like Shane and Bridget, it took them two years according too her, so just try and imagine it! What if one of them ask the other our, and they get rejected.Besides, they're only 17, maybe it will happen in a couple of years time :) No! Papparazzi will post it and they will be humilated. No,they are not going out and, if they were eww I would puke I don't think they are perfect for each other I think ross should go out with maia mitchell just saying and, I think he has feelings for her Really what I think is that it's possible their dating but they definetly have feelings for each other if the pictures are real what I mean by that Is a lot of people fake pictures and edit them.